Build Your Feast

Badass Mexican inspired food & drink!


18″ of indulgence

Dave Parmo

Tomato base, fried chicken, parma ham, mozzarella, boursin, garlic butter.

Doner Summer (V)

Tomato base, fake doner meat, fake mozzarella, onions, tomatoes, mild sauce, chilli jam.

Evil Ray

Tomato base, fried chicken, bacon, chilli jam, jalapeños, mozzarella, green salsa.

Gus Rustler

Tomato base, nacho cheese, pastrami, peppers, onion, mozzarella.

Jazz Britt

Tomato base, pepperoni, chipotle, mozzarella, jalapeños.

Lincoln Green (V)

Green salsa base, mozzarella sticks, peppers, onions, tomato, mozzarella.

Rum & Choke (V)

Tomato base, artichoke heart, rum-soaked pineapple, jalepenos, spinach, mozzarella, boursin, truffle oil.

Soft Mick (V)

Our super secret tomato base, mozzarella, basil.

Strong Tom

Tomato base, green salsa, onions, peppers, fajita beef, jalapeños, pepperoni, mozzarella, habanero.

The Every Meat

Tomato base, cherry BBQ drizzle, pulled ham hock, fajita beef, pastrami, pepperoni, fried chicken, bacon, mozzarella.

The Idiot

Tomato base, pulled ham hock, rum soaked pineapple, mozzarella, black pepper.


Tomato base, fajita beef, nacho cheese, mozzarella, bacon, gherkin, iceberg lettuce, burger sauce.

Chilli’s Euro MEGA DEAL!!

Two 18 inch pizzas and an 18 inch nachos- that’s 54 inches of Mamma’s good stuff to get you through the game!

That’s a pizza for each half AND half-time snacks sorted. Boom.

Half & Half

Can’t decide? Choose 2 styles & have the best of both worlds.



Fat wraps bursting at the seams.

Burrito Supremo

Chipotle pulled ham, onions, peppers,  spicy rice, beany boys, green salsa, sour cream, tinga.

Philly Cheesesteak

Pastrami, nacho cheese, onions, peppers, spicy rice, mozzarella, boursin.

Pizza Burrito

Tinga, nacho cheese, mozzarella, pepperoni, fajita beef, spicy rice, jalapeños, basil, sour cream.

Sunset Strip

Fried chicken, spicy rice, pineapple salsa, beany boys, sour cream, guac.

Vegan Vibes (VE)

Fake doner meat, onions, peppers, spicy rice, pineapple salsa, beany boys, guac.



18″ pizza box full of the things!


18″ pizza box full of nachos. Nacho cheese, green salsa, salsa, guac, jalapeños, sour cream.



1 Litre of Mexican madness!

Classic Margarita£15.00
Cucumber & Lime£16.00
Peach & Pink Pepper£16.00
Rum Soaked Pineapple£16.00
Strawberry & Basil£16.00


Cans of the finest bevs around.

Brewdog – Clockwork Tangerine IPA£3.75
Brooklyn – Defender IPA£4.50
Bud Light£2.50
Camden Hells£4.50
Drygate – Double Disco Mango IPA£4.00
Heineken 0.0%£2.50
Kopparberg – Strawberry & Lime£2.75
Magic Rock – Salty Kiss£3.75
Red Stripe£2.75
Strongbow – Cloudy Apple£3.00